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Welcome to my new website! I am Paige Gesing and I create custom designed cookies for any occasion. I have enjoyed wearing many hats in my life; ER nurse, trauma manager, equestrian, trainer and coach but throughout enjoyed writing, art and photography. In art, I dabbled in watercolor, pen and ink and other medium and various subject matter. During the 2015 holiday season, I saw some some beautifully decorated cookies on Facebook and they peaked my interest. I was searching for a creative and therapeutic outlet. My husband, Bernie, was diagnosed with early onset dementia and it became more and more challenging as time passed. When I needed to be home with him full time in 2016, those hours baking and decorating became so important. He was happy that I was not away long hours at work. Bernie enjoyed singing and the nights that I baked and he sang were our “good days” at that phase in our journey through dementia. I am so thankful for those times.

I started creating my own style of cookie designs and fell in love with this unique art form. Decorating cookies combines drawing, painting and a sort of sculpting of the royal icing in its 3 dimensional forms. As much as I have enjoyed creating these cookies, there are many more positive benefits. As I take orders and ponder designs, I feel like I am a part of the happy occasions for which they were ordered. These cookies bring smiles and joy to those who see them and enjoy them! I have been challenged by the range of designs requested, once creating military camouflage cookies and wedding shower cookies with a french boutique theme in the same week! I have also tweaked the cookie recipes to find a cookie that will stand up to the icing designs while not sacrificing on flavor or texture. Discovering this culinary art form through being at home with Bernie makes it very special to me.

Bernie passed away in October 2017 at the age of 68. His loss has been devastating to me, our family and so many people who knew him. He was a much loved ER physician in Charlotte, NC, our home. Since Bernie passed away, creating these cookies have helped lift my spirits in amazing ways. Feeling like I am a part of so many happy occasions and celebrations through these cookies has been “good medicine” for me. I feel blessed to have found it and would never have imagined, while attempting those first decorated cookies, that a business may grow from it.

Bear with me as the website grows, but please check back often for updates! There will be a blog for the cookies as well as a link to my personal blog for sharing ideas about life and its joys and losses. Grab a cup of coffee and a few cookies (I ship!) and enjoy the web and blog sites that will be here for you soon.

Thank you for visiting!