Orders and Pricing

Prices vary as most orders are custom. The size of the cookie, the number of colors and the intricacy of the design affect the price. There are various levels of design available. There may be a custom order fee for a one of a kind personal design which will take additional time, new cookie cutters etc. to create. A basic (all of my cookies are fancy) dozen cookies (standard size being 3″ round) with average design intricacy and colors is $48. I can do fancy medium, small and mini cookies at a lower price. I can work with any budget and create special, fancy cookies that work for your event. See below for pricing and order FAQ!

Please email me at paigesdesignercookies@gmail.com for information, questions or pricing for a cookie order you have in mind!


How much is a dozen decorated cookies? That depends on how fancy you want them to be as well as the size of the cookies. Basic standard sized fancy design cookies are $48 per dozen. Some cookies, like the quilted cookies or those with many layers of colors and tiny tiny details can cost $8 to $10 each. These are usually purchased as very fancy centerpiece cookies along with the standard designs.

What makes a cookie “fancier” than another cookie? The smooth bottom layer of icing is called the “flood” layer, then layers of details are often added on top of this layer. Drying time is required between the layers and sometimes between colors that might bleed into each other. Also adding tiny, intricate details, sugar crystals, sugar beads and other adornments that are delicately placed adds time and cost to the cookies.

How much advance time is needed to place an order? I prefer at least a month for events not tied to major holidays, but the earlier the better to assure you can get your order. I usually start getting holiday cookie orders in October.

Do you deliver the cookies? No. I can ship cookies, (the buyer pays pack and ship charges) or they can be picked up at our home (in Concord NC) at a set time, or by porch pick up at your convenience.

Are there designs you will not do? I don’t do designs that have legal protection such as copyright etc. like Disney characters, school logos or mascots, corporate logos etc. I prefer to do custom designs based on what buyers want and the type of event.

What types of payment do you accept for the cookies? I accept cash, check, PayPal, Zelle or Venmo.

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